59 cks scouts earn the World scout environment programme badge

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Fifty-nine (59) boy and senior scouts from Chiang Kai Shek College of Manila Council were presented the World Scout Environment Programme (WSEP) badge, as follows:


Grade school scouts:

Justin M. de Ramos, Riche Xhander D. So, Niccolo Josef T. Gonzales, Wesley Ethan T. Xu, Nathan Zane Shi, Kian Isaac Daniel D. Carag, Bienmar Kimson L. Carag, Jeth Matheuw A. Marcial, Shawn Nathan Teves Lao, Sean Carlo S. Lin, Stephen Gilbert C. Anzures, Charles Diesel P. Chua, Aaron Chua, Joshua Y. Li, Wilkie Wayne B. Uy, Zaki Lemuel G. Tan, Mark Keilven A. Cai, Nathan C. Peña, John Luis Sze, Trevor Mckenzie S. Tan, Westley Martin Z. Wu, Beau Kesler O. See, Anson Zhang, Princeton Matthew John A. Chua, Curt Darryl S. Tiu, Dale Maurice L. Go, Steve Patrick M.

King, Hadrian Paulo W. Li, Elijah D. Yap, William Mackenzie A. Go, Wesley W. Zheng, Bhienn Ezmhiell D. Galore, Nathan Audric C. Tiu, Jhep Kevin Z. Li, Gerick Luis S. Tan, Erich Vinzon T. Cai,

Joshua Rynaki S. Yulo, Maximo T. So II, Carl Jacob E. Tandoc, Martin V. Lim, and Jayron Alvi D. Tan.


Junior high school scouts:

Lance David C. Gutierrez, Matt Alexander C. Uy, Advent Czid Enix B. Lao, Loyd Andrei Ong, Micah Johan Hope G. Lao, Tyron C. Sze, David Ben Z. Li, Jean Alexis Aloroy, Kelvyn Kenz O. Ang, Hanz Patrick O. Yu, Skyler D. Tapang, Arvin Kent N. Lo, Aaron Matthew L. Carag-Chiu, Jan Rafael Y. Young Ang, Gian Geordan P. Liobing, Jaisy Louel M. Flores, Miles Christian P. Tan, and Mico Gregory A. Ching.


The WSEP badge encourages scouts to connect with nature, think about how they interact with the environment and take action to protect it. It focuses on learning about local and global issues and how taking local action can help both of these. The badge is earned through two stages: Explore and Reflect, and Take Action. For the first stage, each aim is explored through a variety of experiential activities that enable the participants to connect with the subject, learn about it and think about how they interact with it. For the second stage, a need to take action is identified and an environmental project is planned and executed.


Congratulations, CKSian Scouts!