PYP Parent Coffee (October 9)

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The IB  Primary Years Programme (PYP) will have a Parent Coffee session on October 9, Saturday, from 9:00 - 11:00 am via Zoom. It aims to bring all the stakeholders together to strengthen the partnership between the home and the school so as to provide the utmost support needed by the students.

國際文憑小學項目(PYP)將於10月9日(週六)上午9:00 - 11:00通過Zoom會舉辦家長座談會。家長座談會旨在讓所有人加強家庭和學校之間的伙伴關係,為學生提供最大化的支持。

The activity is a two-part session that focuses on Helping Young Students During Online Classes and Language Learning in PYP. The PYP parents are requested to sign up using this link on or before October 6, 2021, Wednesday at 5 pm. The link will be sent to the registered parents via email on October 8, 2021, Friday.

本次座談會分為兩部分,一為如何在線上課程中幫助學生和PYP的學習語言。 PYP家長需要在2021年10月6日(週三)下午5點之前通過 鏈接登記。會議鏈接將於2021年10月8日(週五)通過電子郵件發送給有登記的家長們。