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Grade School English Instruction

Grade School Philosophy



  • The philosophy, vision and mission are clearly stated.
  • The objectives of the school are clearly defined and are in consonance with the school’s philosophy, vision and mission.
  • The philosophy, vision-mission and objectives are adapted to the needs of the clientele which the school intends to serve and to the needs of the community in which the school exists.


  • The objectives of the school are in accordance with the educational aims of the institution to which it is affiliated.
  • The school includes among its objectives a well-integrated program of moral and spiritual training of its students.
  • The school includes among its objectives:
    1. an adequate program of general education on the elementary level.
    2. the development of the learners  towards a well-integrated life.
    3. knowledge of the rights and duties of a citizen of this republic.
  • The objectives are in consonance with national development goals of:
    1. attainment of national unity and identity.
    2. national discipline.
    3. economic self-sufficiency.
    4. cultural enrichment.
    5. care for the environment.


  1. The faculty members and other personnel understand and accept the school’s philosophy, vision–mission and objectives.
  2. Incoming members of the faculty and other personnel are informed of the school’s philosophy, vision–mission and objectives of this grade school.

* Orientation for all newly hired teachers has been conducted starting the school year 2017-2018.

3. The parents understand and accept the philosophy, vision–mission and objectives.


  • Service- and value-oriented objectives are included in the school’s curricular programs.
  • All activities of the grade school tend towards the realization of its objectives.
  • There are provisions for interaction among administrators, staff members, teachers, pupils and parents to realize the philosophy, vision–mission and objectives of the school.

* The President has opened her office to any teacher or employee and she ensures the welfare of everyone.

* Monthly meeting is conducted by the Academic Director with the Supervisors and Academic Director with the Subject Area Coordinators since last school year 2017-2018.


Grade School Curriculum


In pursuing quality education and academic excellence, a school must organize its curriculum effectively not only to meet the requirements of the Department of Education but also to realize the vision-mission of the school.  A well-defined curriculum includes these major considerations: sequential development programs in all subject areas, periodical examination and evaluation of curricular offerings, well-defined subject area objectives, regular articulation program with secondary schools, well-structured special programs for all types of learners, effective correlation of the different programs across the curriculum, and maximum utilization of human, material and community resources. An effective curriculum must show evidence that pupils have developed wholesome attitudes and an appreciation of the Filipino culture and values.  Pupils must also manifest a genuine and lasting love for learning.


The curricular offerings in the elementary school are premised and chosen based on sound teaching-learning principles, on the level of maturity of the learners, and on the current developments in the field. 


The course content, concepts and skills are taught functionally to emphasize critical and creative thinking, develop desirable learning habits, and foster attitudes and values in the pupils.


The course offerings should lead the pupils to apply their knowledge and skills in their daily life situations; lead them to value themselves, their relationship with God and others, and their relationship with the environment. The offerings in each subject area lead the pupils to the needed changes and develop an attitude of readiness to respond according to their level of maturity.


* Curriculum review was conducted last February to April, 2018

    • To align the objectives and the skills with the DepEd requirements.
    • To include activities that would emphasize CKS College uniqueness.
    • To incorporate activities that help the students realize the importance of their cultural heritage.


Grade School Cycle Class Schedule


The Grade School is following the six-day cycle schedule of classes

  1. To maintain a balanced distribution of the number of minutes per period.
  2. To ensure that the students won’t fall short of the knowledge they would learn due to suspension of classes
  3. To help students to have more focus on the specific learning areas and have more time to prepare for the assessments due to alternate schedule
  4. To be able to intensify and provide quality teaching because the period is longer for each subject
  5. To keep the students healthy and not be physically burdened by carrying lighter bags for they have lesser subjects in a day.


Other Important Details


Close supervision is being observed to ensure efficient and effective teaching

  1. Coordinators were oriented about their duties and responsibilities since they are new in their posts.
  2. Coordinators are provided with constant guidance and training by the supervisor to be able to carry out their responsibilities well.
    1. Managing of the teachers in their area
    2. Conducting observation and post conferences
    3. Providing them tips on aligning the objectives and the skills in the lessons
    4. Pointing out to them what to spot when correcting test drafts to produce quality assessments
  3. A weekly meeting is conducted by the Supervisor with the Subject Area Coordinators and the Coordinators with the teachers in their area.
  4. Everything discussed during the meeting are sent to the gmail of all teachers so they are well-informed and always reminded.
  5. Rubrics for every activity are used to avoid subjectivity.
  6. Anecdotal notebook for each teacher is required to monitor students’ behavior.
  7. Well-planned homeroom activities are provided to guide the advisers.
  8. Writing activity is intensified to improve students’ penmanship.
  9. Closer partnership with the Guidance and Discipline Offices has been established since the start of this school year 2018-2019.
  10. Articulation with the Preschool and Kinder Division was done and the Consultant is currently observing classes to bridge the curriculum of PKD and Grade 1.
  11. Faculty manual was provided to all grade school teachers and they were well oriented by the Director on Academics, Dr. Rolance Chua, last August, 2017.
  12. The Rules and Regulations indicated are strictly observed in our division.


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