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Scholarship Financial Assistance

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For Elementary and High School:

Requirements: (Financial Assistance Funds)

  • General average of 80% and a conduct grade of B or above;
  • Xerox copies of English and Chinese Report Cards at the end of the School Year
  • Xerox copy of Income Tax Return (for new applicants);
  • Old students should apply within the period which will be announced at end the end of School Year

Endowment Funds:

  1. Chiang Kai Shek College Scholarship;
  2. Wong Chun Seng Memorial Fund;
  3. Pao Shih Tien Cultural & Educational Fund;
  4. Shi-Min Scholarship Fund;
  5. Welland Chen Pao Memorial Fund;
  6. Lucita L. Sia Memorial Fund;
  7. Vice Chairman Leoncio Chungunco Memorial Fund;
  8. Metrobank Foundation Scholarship Fund;
  9. Chua Tian It Scholarship Fund;
  10. CKSC Senior Class 1952 Alumni Association Scholarship Fund;
  11. Vice President Co Bin Memorial Fund;
  12. Julian Cotio Memorial Fund;
  13. Chairman Chan Cuan Scholarship Fund;
  14. Li Hong Kong/Ong Suan Ti Memorial Fund;
  15. Sy Ling Chat Memorial Fund;
  16. Ciriaco Soriano/Juliana Tee King Soriano Memorial Fund;
  1. Preschool Supervisor So Siu Kong Memorial Fund;
  2. William and Leonor See Scholarship Fund;
  3. Francisco and Rosa Pena Scholarship Fund;
  4. Mr. & Mrs. Ernesto Chua Co Kiong Scholarship Fund;
  5. Chairman Benjamin Chua Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund;
  6. Go Peng Kuan Memorial Fund;
  7. Ong Cheng Siok Hui Memorial Fund;
  8. CKSC Junior Class 1952 Alumni Association Scholarship Fund;
  9. Trustee William Ty Memorial Fund;
  10. CKSC Senior Class 1966 Alumni Association Scholarship Fund;
  11. Siu King Sy Ng Scholarship Fund;
  1. Johnny Lao (Laogan) Memorial Fund;
  2. CKSC Senior Class 1961 Alumni Association Scholarship Fund;
  3. Lim Kim Kok & Te Siu Yong Memorial Fund;
  4. CKSC Senior Class 1976 Alumni Association Scholarship Fund;
  5. CKSC High School Class 1977 Alumni association Scholarship Fund;
  6. Vice Chairman Jose Ong Scholarship Fund;
  7. Jimmy Go Scholarship Fund;
  8. CKSC Junior Class 1953 Wei-Feng Club Scholarship Fund;
  9. Go Yee Bio Memorial Fund;
  10. Irene Yen Chong Memorial Fund;
  11. Trustee Jose Qua Memorial Fund;
  12. Tan Yan Kee Memorial Fund;
  13. CKSC Dagupan-Sector Alumni Association Scholarship Fund;
  14. Chua Ka Siu/Chiu Piak Ha Memorial Fund;
  15. CKSC Senior Class 1949 Alumni Association Scholarship Fund;
  16. CKSC Senior Class 1959 Alumni Association Scholarship Fund;
  17. Vilio and Conchita Go Scholarship Fund;
  18. CKSC Senior Class 1954 Alumni Association Scholarship Fund;
  19. Mr. & Mrs. Go Bun Pin Memorial Fund;
  20. Mr. & Mrs. Go Chi An Memorial Fund;
  21. CKSC Senior Class 1975 Alumni Association Scholarship Fund;
  22. Mr. & Mrs. Kilin To Scholarship Fund;
  23. CKSC Senior Class 1966 Section B Chong Chun Alumni Club Scholarship Fund;
  24. Jayme Go Scholarship Fund;
  25. Alberto Lim Scholarship Fund;
  26. Amado Lim Scholarship Fund;
  27. Angel Ngu Scholarship Fund;
  28. Meldrid O Memorial Fund;
  29. Rubie Nang Scholarship Fund;
  30. Ty King Kee Memorial Fund;
  31. Antonio Chua Scholarship Fund;
  32. Benito Chiong Scholarship Fund; and
  33. Trustee Marcos Bautista Memorial Fund

Annual Donors:

  • CKSC 9-7 (Senior Class 1958) Alumni Association
  • CKSC Senior Class 1960 Alumni Association


For those seeking financial assistance from the Office of the President, please refer to this page: Financial Assistance Program from the Office of the President


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