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Online Classes: Frequently Asked Questions

What do Online Classes mean at CKS College?

For Grades 4 to 10 : Home Study/Online Classes [LINK]

  • Orientation Video (English)


  • Orientation Video (Chinese)


If parents chose not to register online and prefer physical classes, what is their option? What about the phasing of lessons vis-a-vis the online classes?

Online classes shall start in July. The reason online classes will start in July is so that teachers and students can adjust to shorter class periods per day. Online live classes will be given half day (covering both English and Chinese subjects) and the other half of the day will be devoted to self-study and assignments, as well as asynchronous learning like watching videos.

Those who prefer physical classes shall start classes on August 24 (as announced by DepEd). They will have regular classes in classrooms.

One option is for them to join online classes first for one term. For the 2nd term, they can switch back to regular classes.

Teachers for online classes will also be teaching physical classes. The curriculum will be the same. It is just the teaching methodology that would differ. Exams will either be via on-camera exams or students will be asked to go to school-- that is, if it is safe already.


For families with 3 children or more but only have 1 computer at home, what is their option?

They can use different devices-- like ipads or phones.


For online classes, do the students need to buy physical textbooks also?

The school recommends the use of textbooks but we are still waiting for the availability of e-books from the different publishers


How about Senior High School & College?

Senior High School will likely follow physical classes. But online asynchronous learning is being considered-- depending on needs of students and availability of teachers.

College will start with intersession of purely online classes in July. Regular classes shall be held by August or September. There will be fewer weeks in the semester, but longer class hours. The College department shall issue a separate announcement.


How about pre-school to Grade 3?

Please check out the details regarding Distance Learning Program HERE.


When will be the enrollment for SY 2020-2021?

Enrollment period for online classes is on June 1 to June 15. Register through this LINK. Parents will receive the assessment form via e-mail. Please visit this PAGE for the enrollment procedure.


For physical classes, is the number of students the same?

The school will be maintaining the number of sections. But the class sizes will be smaller, as a number of students shall be moving to online classes. If DepEd requires a specific number of students only, the classes shall be split accordingly.


What about tuition fees?

The tuition fees shall be the same both for online classes and physical classes. The miscellaneous fees shall be lower by PhP 10,000 for online classes.


What will be the technical requirements or specifications for the gadgets (e.g.laptop or desktop) for students' use?

PC: Minimum of Dual Core PC, with 4GB of RAM

Internet Connection: minimum of 5mbps download speed and 800 kbps upload speed


Will there be a dress code for online classes?  Are uniforms required for attending one?

Students should wear the upper portion (polo) of their school uniform during the synchronous interaction.


What will be the official platform for Online classes?

The school is considering Google Classroom and Google Meet for the online classes. But we are also considering Zoom for students who are currently in China.


What happens if students will not be able to attend a synchronous meeting due to weak internet connectivity for that day?

Students or parents are advised to call the Discipline Office.


Are teachers made available for consultation or inquiries about the lessons?

Fridays are scheduled as consultation day of students with their teachers.


What happens if a pupil enrolled in an online class for the first term decides to shift to a face-to-face class by second term?

The parents can request to transfer to a physical class through the registrar's office before the end of the first term. They will need to pay the PhP 10,000 difference in miscellaneous fees.

Admission Requirements: Bridging Program

The BSA Bridging Program is designed to provide BS - Management Accounting graduates of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) with further training as they pursue a second degree in BS in Accountancy at CKS College.

Applicants should be scheduled to graduate from UST by the end of the school year prior to the school year of admission and entry to CKS College.

  • Secure and submit the Application for Entrance Examination Form from the Admissions Office or from BSA Bridging Program Consultant, Mr. Ivan Bagayao.

  • Submit the accomplished Application Form and the applicant's unofficial Transcript of Records (including grades up to the 1st Semester of School Year 2016-2017, and indicating subjects currently enrolled).

  • Pay the Application fee (P250.00) at the Cashier's Office or through Mr. Ivan Bagayao.

  • Present the Official Receipt to the Admissions Office and secure an Entrance Examination Permit.

  • Schedule Entrance Examination with the Guidance Office.

  • Take the Entrance Examination on the date and in the room assigned by the Guidance Counselor. Bring I.D. and Entrance Examination Permit.

  • Take the Qualifying Exam on the scheduled date and time. Bring I.D. and Entrance Examination Permit.

  • There shall only be one batch of Qualifying Exam takers every year.

  • Submit the following requirements prior to enrollment:

    • Honorable Dismissal

    • Transcript of Records

    • Two photocopies of Birth Certificate (NSO) / ICard / Certification of Naturalization for naturalized citizens

    • Two copies of the applicant's latest 1x1 colored photo

    • Certificate of Good Moral Character

  • To stay in the program, successful applicants should:

    • Abide by the rules and regulations of the college, as stated in the CKS College student handbook.

    • Students who accumulate 9 units of failing grades (5.0) shall be disqualified from the program.


** Coverage of Qualifying Examination (Bridging Program)

BSMA-BSA Bridging Program Flyer (1)


BSMA-BSA Bridging Program Flyer (2)

BSMA-BSA Bridging Program Flyer (3)

Junior High School Department Admission Information


Download Admission Form HERE

Senior High School Department Admission Information


Download Admission Form HERE

Entrance Examination for New Students (Grade School and High School Departments) for School Year 2014

Entrance Examination for New Students (Grade School and High School Departments)  for School Year 2014 

Application Period: November 6, 2013 to April 24, 2014
Places of Application: Grade School and High School Offices
  1. Xerox copy of Report Cards (English and Chinese) for the current School Year 2013-2014
  2. General Average of at least 80% with no failing grade in any subject
  3. Conduct Grade of 80% or better
  4. Payment of Entrance Examination Fee: P400
Dates of Entrance Examination:
English Instruction at 7:30 a.m.
Chinese Instruction at 8:00 a.m.
First Batch
November 16 (Saturday)
November 23 (Saturday)
Second Batch
December 07 (Saturday)
December 13 (Friday)
Third Batch
January 18 (Saturday)
January 25 (Saturday)
Fourth Batch
February 15 (Saturday)
February 22 (Saturday)
Fifth Batch
March 08 (Saturday)
March 15 (Saturday)
Sixth Batch
April 25 (Friday)
April 26 (Saturday)
Results of Entrance Examination for each batch will be known two weeks after. Results will be posted near the P. Algue gate or in our website -
Things to Remember:
  1. Application first before the entrance test.
  2. Applicants should bring the receipt of the entrance fee, entrance slip.
    Mongol pencils and eraser during the test.
  3. Successful applicants should bring the following during registration and enrollment (dates to be announced) for the school year 2008-2009:
    1. 2 photocopies of Birth Certificate (if Filipino citizen) or I-card (if foreigner);
    2. 2 latest colored pictures (2 x 2);
    3. the original cards from the last school attended, duly signed by the school principal and other officers; and
    4. payment for tuition and other fees.


For further inquiries, please call 252-61-61 to 67 local 207  (for incoming High School students) and 218 and 223 (for incoming Grade School students)

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