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Chiang Kai Shek College Parents’ Feasts 2014

The Chiang Kai Shek (CKS) College Office of English Academic Instructions initiated changes in its basic education offerings as the school and its community prepare young minds for the 21st century. An important change is involving parents in education program developments through a parent education program (PEP). PEP focuses on:

  1. Reinforcing the value of parents’ presence and involvement – active parenting, communication, and encouragement – to their children’s scholastic performance and overall development
  2. Reducing if not eliminating old-fashioned dependency on external influences such as tutors and secondary caregivers, factors that actually cause children to develop inconsistent performance in school and study habits that lack the proper drive and self-discipline

Headed by Dr. Glendora V. Tiu, the Office launched the first of Parents’ Feasts in July 2014, which was attended by 900 parents of students across basic education levels, and by school directors, supervisors, and staff. Activities:

  • Opening ceremony – introductions; sorting parents according to grade levels and programs
  • Campus tour – acquainting parents with CKS College facilities and latest developments such as improved laboratories, audio-visual classrooms, CCTV-equipped classrooms, and premises
  • Classroom visits – observing classroom activities for an hour
  • Social gathering at the CKS College Auditorium – socials; demonstration of a lesson in growing wheat grass at home by a grade 4 teacher; preparing and serving drinks and appetizers by high school seniors; entertainment performances by selected students


This event introduced parents and guardians to the concept of an engaged partnership with the school in raising and educating young students, promoted open communication with the school, and stressed parents’ significant roles in molding the future citizens of the nation. 


September saw a follow-up on PEP; it was attended by almost the same number of parents, who discussed important matters with Dr. Tiu and CKS College President Dr. Dory Poa in the school auditorium. The whole-day affair was sectioned into four schedules, sorting parents by grade levels to which their children belong. These groups covered the same topics:

  • Different roles in education – identifying and clarifying roles and responsibilities of school, parents, and students with regard to learning, learning environments, and learning habits
  • General discussion – parents and school leaders talk about concerns, school workload, teaching methods, changes introduced by the government, and rationales behind such changes
  • Introduction of future offerings – information on assistance/advance programs, summer programs on SAM (sports, arts, music), e-learning program in mathematics, reading program, robotics program, etc.


The September event concluded with plans for next Parents’ Feasts, which will be held in December.


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