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Dr. Kevin Aldrich Rillon Melchor (陳啟民)

Kevin Aldrich Rillon Melchor, M.D. (陳啟民) of CKS high school batch 2009 is a first year General Surgery Resident at the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center, where he also had his internship since 2018.

As a resident doctor, his regular day would normally be doing hospital rounds on more than a hundred patients and scheduling a number of surgical procedures. However since the COVID 19 pandemic began, admissions and operations were restricted only to emergency cases due to lack of bed capacity, hospital personnel, medical supplies and proper PPEs. During surgical procedures, all members of the medical team must observe strict safety precaution to avoid self-harm and contamination. Knowing all the risks, he and his fellows still need to continue saving lives of those who needed medical and surgical treatment.

Doc Kevin reiterates the adage that prevention is better than cure. As such, he believes that wearing masks and proper handwashing are the simplest, yet most effective means of preventing disease transmission. Beyond that, he takes several multi-vitamins to boost his immune system, wears scrub suit instead of the usual medical coat or blazer to prevent further contamination and spread, and wears full PPE before attending to any patient considered as PUI or PUM.

And to prevent possible disease transmission, he has also opted to stay at a separate apartment, far from his loved ones, even if it would mean missing their companies. This, to him, is the hardest side of his job nowadays - not to be able to come home, eat, and enjoy moments with his parents, brothers, and relatives. But the passion and desire to help and treat is what keeps him going each and everyday.

Once a scout, always a scout. Doc Kevin bravely faces all challenges and takes pride in being of service to all patients who needed their medical attention.

Thanking the entire CKS College family for doing their share in the fight against COVID-19, Doc Kevin has a very short, but straight forward message to all his fellow CKSians, and he said: "God bless us all."

Likewise, we wish you the same, Dr. Kevin Aldrich R. Melchor. God bless you always!


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